How to Convert Numbers into Words using jQuery

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If you are working with online payment transactions or making payment slip or salary slip online, then often you are needed display amount in the numbers as well as in words.

Today i will share how to convert numbers into words using jQuery.

Steps to Convert Numbers into Words using jQuery

  1. Create HTML Form
  2. Include jQuery Library and Num-To-Words Library
  3. Create Script in jQuery

1. Create HTML Form

I am creating a simple html form, which will add two input fields and show them into numbers and words.

2. Include jQuery Library and Num-To-Words Library

Include the jQuery library and Num-To-Words library. You can add both before closing </body>Β tag.

3. Create Script in jQuery

To filter input values, i am also checking that entered value must be integer, you can also read here about how to insert only numbers using jQuery. After that i am doing some calculation which are addition of both input fields and converting total amount value into words.

Demo Download

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    I would like to add this functionality in one of the website that I am developing, I use formidable forms. Could you help me with this? I can pay for your service.
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  2. Thanks alot Javed sir..but there is one problem in this tutorial, after ten thousand it doesn’t print in lakhs nor in crore

  3. Wow wow wow, this really came at the right time for me. Thank you so so much. How can I send a little gift?

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