Trigger to Download a File When Clicking Link

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There are two ways to trigger to download a file.

  1. HTML 5 Download Attribute.
  2. Download File Using PHP Script.

The download attribute triggers a force download but it does not supported by Safari. Following are the versions that support download attribute.

Chrome = 14.0
Internet Explorer = 13.0
Firefox = 20.0
Opera = 15.0

Download File Using Using HTML 5 Download Attribute

<a href="SampleFile.pdf" download>Download File</a>

If you want to rename the file at the time of downloading, use the following code:

<a href="SampleFile.pdf" download="new_filename">Download File</a>

Download File Using PHP – Server Side Script

We will need to create PHP script file and pass the file name in the href attribute that we want to download as you can see below:

<a href="download.php?file=SampleFile.pdf" target="_new">Download File</a>

PHP Script

if (isset($_GET['file'])) {
$file = $_GET['file'];
if (file_exists($file) && is_readable($file) && preg_match('/\.pdf$/',$file)) {
	header('Content-Type: application/pdf');
	header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"$file\"");

The above file will read the file name and trigger to force download. This example will work on all browsers.

Note: I used this example for PDF file type, you can change it as per your requirement.

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  1. Hi! Your example works in my modded download form. But I have a question, I tried it by passing the file name in my form action:

    Which works, but I need to hide the filename within the PHP, so I tried this:

    if (isset($_GET[‘file’])) {
    $file = $_GET[‘file.rar’];
    if (file_exists($file) && is_readable($file) && preg_match(‘/\.rar$/’,$file)) {
    header(‘Content-Type: application/rar-compressed’);
    header(“Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\”$file\””);

    But it doesn’t work. It just refreshes the page when you click the download button and nothing downloads. Can you assist? Thanks!

  2. Very nice. i implemented same things using same trick trough ajax but its not working, with PHP working when i run direct to file can you suggest me how can i implement with ajax.

  3. thank javed. you know I want to make a music website and I ask will this help or is there any suggestion based on that

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