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Today I will share how to create simple and responsive jQuery carousel slider, although there are various ways to do but i will share the simplest way to achieve this goal.

JQuery carousel slider is very helpful, we used it several times in our web projects or blogs, you may want to display your blog recent posts, recent clients, recent project in a carousel slider or you may be want to make it your main page slider.

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First i would like to say thanks to Ken Wheeler who made such a great library to create a Carousel Slider. I will use slick library to create a Carousel Slider.

Steps to Create Simple and Responsive jQuery Carousel Slider

To create a simple and responsive jQuery carousel slider, we need to follow the below steps.

  1. Write an HTML Markup
  2. Write CSS and Include Slick CSS
  3. Include Slick JS Library and Call Slick

1. Write an HTML Markup

Create an index.html file and paste the following HTML markup in its body section.

2. Write CSS and Include Slick CSS

Create an style.css file and paste the following styles in it and include Slick CSS in the head section.

The above CSS is creating style for our carousel slider, i am going to display three images with title and description on the screen. All the images and libraries that we are using here are available in the download file.

To include Slick CSS, add the following in the head section.

3. Include Slick JS Library and Call Slick

We are using here Slick.Js Library so include the following libraries and JavaScript before closing of body tag.

The breakpoint above is actually allowing us to display how many images to be displayed on the screen size 600 or 400. This is how we are making it responsive for our mobile devices.


Creating a simple and responsive jQuery carousel slider is very easy, we can easily do it using good library. With the help of jQuery libraries you can do your several tasks so quickly and efficiently.

Demo Download

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      1. Can the Title and Description of the Image be set from an HTML table like by combing the database connection and query from the “Display From Database Into HTML Table Using PHP?

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