How to Fix HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, and JavaScript Bugs

Today i will going to share with you how to fix HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, and JavaScript Bugs. blog has already surpassed the millions page views.

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Javed Ur Rehman is a passionate blogger and web developer, he loves to share web development tutorials and blogging tips. He usually writes about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL.
          1. yes sir!

            Because of auth.php file it redirects to login page,
            I tried to remove auth.php but after that logout.php is not destroying the session.

  1. Pls I need code for a form after creating the form page front end i.e the page the that the user will fill after login
    E. G a form inside dashboard

    1. Dear Reuben,

      Well it is not easy to create a blog tutorial, you must have good understanding, however, you can find some tutorials about it, but it will need good understanding of these all languages. There are already CMS available such as WordPress is a powerful CMS.

  2. can you please tell me how to make login form ,registration form as i am a fresher and want to learn php.

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